Saturday, February 19, 2011 (update 2)

I have got to say that the folks at, particularly Fred which was the person with whom I dealt, handled the messed up ammo order very well. He promptly offered for me to return it for an exchange of similar but FMJ round nose instead of the FMJ Truncated Cone ammo that I received in error or to make a full refund of the purchase and shipping price to me. You cannot ask for more than that in customer service. To tell the truth though, I decided to keep the ammo after all. I checked on some forums about it, and it gets rave reviews as being as good or better than regular round nose FMJ - so 'll give it a try. That way I save both Fred at Military Shooters and myself the hassle of a return/exchange. One other reason I decided to keep this ammo instead of make an exchange is because they apparently don't have it in FMJ round nose and offered something foreign in lieu of that. I buy foreign ammo but when I bought this particular case of ammo, I specifically bought it because it was made in the USA. It would be a shame to return a USA made product for a foreign one. So, I'll make do with it.

As for my over all impression of - despite the order mix-up, I would say everything else went great and rate them very excellent in all other regards.

All the best,

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