Friday, January 14, 2011

Ballseye's Gun Shots 106 - Finally Got A Chance To Go To The Range Today...

...and I can tell you, it was way too long between range days for me. I qualified at work last month or maybe in November but have not been to the range shooting for fun for way too long, it seems like many, many, months already though it's only been since October. I have got to get myself back into the groove and start going at least once a month on average. Not that I shot bad today or anything like that, I did okay, but shooting is something that requires regular practice and besides that - it is fun.

I brought only two pistols with me this evening, my issued Sig 229 and my personal (authorized as secondary for my job) Glock 26. I guess I shot about 400 rounds in all, 150 .40 S&W from the Sig and 250 9mm from the Glock. It was certainly focusing for me and relaxing too.

All the best,


TXGunGeek said...

There are a number of people who just don't get it when someone says going shooting is relaxing/focusing/stress relieving. At my previous job the range I frequented was half way between work and home. I sometimes mentioned I was going to stop by the range to relax at the end of the day before going home and coworkers would comment about how good it must feel to shoot at targets and pretend they are bosses and such. They couldn't have been farther from the truth.
They failed to understand that when you shoot right, there is only you, the target and the gun. Everything else in the world is no longer important and your mind is free from stressing about anything else. Total concentration. After a good range session I would be completely relaxed because if I didn't relax the session would suck. I could then go home and enjoy a relaxing evening before starting the next day all over.

Glenn B said...

The amazing thing is that even when I have gotten a very sore and bruised shoulder from firing my Remington 870 at the range, I still wind up more relaxed than not, regardless of the pain.

All the best,