Saturday, January 22, 2011

Ballseye's Gun Shots 109 - The Kel-Tec KSG, Dual Tube, Bull-Pup, Pump Action Shotgun

Take a look at the shotgun in these videos of the Kel-Tec Shotgun (KSG). Need I say it - I want one of them. The MSRP is $800, quite the amount for a pump action shotgun but then again, who else has a dual tube, 15 shot, bull pup design, shotgun! I recently got enough stashed away to purchase the bolt action rifle I have been wanting in either 308 or 30/06 but now am none too sure that the money will be going toward a rifle purchase. Of course, if I go for the Kel-Tec KSG, it would have to be NY legal and it appears to be such. No threaded barrel for flash suppressor, no folding or collapsible stock, no bayonet lug - only a pistol, grip. That magazine capacity could be questionable but I am pretty sure they excluded tube magazines from the restrictive assault weapons ban in NY.

For the KSG in action, watch this one:

Yes, indeedy do, I want one. Maybe though I ought to wait for at least the first reviews because as I seem to remember Kel-Tec firearms come with less than a good reputation for high quality. Oh decisions - decisions. Of course even if I was ready to buy right now, it has to hit the market first and be NY legal. A little online checking shows it should be legal in NY State because the NY Assault Weapons ban apparently did not aply to pump action firearms, it applied to automatic and semi-auto firearms.

What a design - I can only pray it will be quality made.

All the best,
Glenn B


Kansas Scout said...

I think the forward handle might actually be more awkward for operating than a simple fore end like the traditional pumps.

And firing from lower than your shoulder would be very awkward with that handle.

Other than that they look great but recently bloggers and others have discovered that if you don't release the trigger it will not reset when you pump.

I am more interested in the "new" Ithaca Mod 37 security pumps. Even better would be Browning pumps set up for security which they finally seem to be starting. I am a lefty which explains my choices

Greybeard said...

Glenn, check out this video review at GunNuts Media:

There's also some talk about the BATF banning it.

Note: On the second video on you blog, the gun appears to do exactly what Caleb was talking about.

Glenn B said...

Do you mean it looks as if the trigger did not reset when the uniformed guy was shooting it? That is not what happened if am referring to the same thng as you. He locked the action closed without a round in the chamber after firing the last shot on the first mag. In order to fire again, he had to action the slide release mechanism in order to bring the slide back and reload. That was shooter error. Of course, maybe you meant something else but that is what came to mind.

All the best,

GreyBeard said...

After watching more carefully, you are absolutely right.