Sunday, June 6, 2010

What Would A New Rifle Be Without Ammo

As you know, if you read my recent post about the Yugo 24/47, I just ordered said rifle from Classic Arms. I also just placed an order for 100 rounds of ammo for this rifle. I placed the ammo order with Natchez Shooter's Supplies of TN (nope I cannot spell it so I used the abbreviation).

Items Ordered:
[1] [60N] [NATCHEZ CATALOG] [ 0.00]
[5] [ZYV331762A] [8X57 JR 196GR SP 20/BOX] [19.00]
Order Totals:
Subotal: $95.00
Shipping: $14.38

Insurance: $ 0.70
Hazmat: $ 0.00
Total Order: $110.08

You opted to contribute 0.92 to the NRA's Shooting For The Stars Foundation via the RoundUp program. Thank You for your contribution! Shipping Preference: UPS Ground Residential

The way I have been ordering guns and ammo lately you might think I am loaded (pun alert) but I am not. As a matter of fact my finances are at a low point because of the recent new car purchase but I did manage to have a bit of my savings stashed with the sole purpose for it to buy a gun or three and ammo for them. Luckily for me, I was able to sell some surplus ammo (not mil-surp but my-surp) and I got a bit more cash on hand than I had. So, I decided to spend it quickly on guns and ammo rather than wait a few days and then realize that I had spent it on things like household expenses. I don't think I will regret the decision; quite the contrary, I think I will come to realize it was the wise decision to have made. Of course that is if and only if the latest rifle I ordered is in as good a shape as they claim in the advertisement for it. I am keeping my fingers crossed on that one. If it is in that good a shape, as opposed to the Enfield I just got from them that seemed not in as good a shape as their ad said it would be, well then I may buy another one for collector value.

Of course, I will have to do that quickly, not only because funds have a way of disappearing quicker than homemade fudge brownies when I am on the prowl for a snack but also because my C&R FFL is about to expire and the darned BATFE has not yet sent me the forms to apply for a renewal. I have all of 3 weeks to get those forms in on time - heck I should have received them and sent them in well over one month ago. Now they have supposedly sent them to me twice but they never arrived in my mailbox. I have to call them again tomorrow. I would hate to have to go through the whole process from scratch instead of just getting it renewed. As I recall the renewal process was somewhat streamlined compared to a first time application (but since it has been 2 0r 3 years since I did it I could have that wrong). Oh well, hopefully I will find the application in tomorrow's mail.

All the best,
Glenn B

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Glenn B said...

What would a rifle be with the wrong sized ammo? Shame on me for not noticing the JR after the 8x57 Mauser moniker. This is rimmed ammo for a doubles gun and not for a bolt action Mauser type rifle chambered in 8x57. Hopefully they will give me an exchange when I tell them my really careless mistake. As you should not handle guns when half asleep, neither should you order ammo.