Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Pakistans' Nuke Sites Attacked - You Should Be Scared - Very Scared

This is probably the most alarming international news that I have heard over the past 30 to 40 years or so, see: Jihadis thrice attacked Pakistan nuclear sites and Terror Attacks on Pakistan Nuke Sites?.

When are we going to awaken and realize that enemies like al Qaeda and the Taliban mean business and that their business is the destruction of the world that is non-Muslim - and included in that plan is the avowed destruction of Israel and the United States of America? They have telegraphed their plans to the rest of the world time and time again just as other fanatical tyrants have done in the past and they are acting on them likewise as we - for the most part - sit back and do little to nothing. Sure we are at war in Iraq and in Afghanistan, but why are we and the rest of the world not actively hunting down and terminating the threat posed by members of these groups who have repeatedly attacked us, repeatedly told us they intend to destroy us, and now at least three times have attacked nuclear facilities, and one of them has at least once attacked a nuclear facility in another country in a probable bid to obtain nuclear devices. We should have forces out actively hunting them down and neutralizing them in such a way that they can never again pose a threat and that means we need to be going after them where they live. If that means more troops on the ground so be it, but I would think it could also be accomplished in great part by more missiles fired at them and more bombs dropped on them. Will there be collateral damage - sure there will be - but it is something we had better be able to live with if we intend to live.

Remember that all though, there were three such attacks on nuclear facilities, not one - not two - but three. They were not trying to get electrical power for the northern provinces of Pakistan folks - they attacked weapons facilities! Yet this is said: "News of the attacks has surprised even terrorism experts." Why is it that we still act startled when we hear such news, why is it that we cannot simply accept the fact that these people are maniacal fanatics bent on our destruction and then take appropriate actions? Why is it that we will not go to preemptive attacks on a grand scale to wipe them out? Are we waiting for World War Three to kick us in the face as we are sleeping. Yeah, I know, the Japanese in WWII awakened the sleeping giant and lost the war and the Germans did much the same thing; the thing is this time the fanatics may kill the giant as it sleeps. Nuclear weapons unleashed within our borders in just a few major cities would bring us to our knees. It would not take much more that would destroy us. Our government needs to take decisive action and take it swiftly if these reports are true.

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Glenn B

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Humble wife said...

Holy Crap I missed this one. Too much with the fair... thanks for the link. This is SCARY!