Sunday, July 19, 2009

A New Soldier...

...has been assigned to me by Soldiers' Angels. While I cannot tell you his name, I can say that he is assigned to B Trp 3-61 CAV 4BCT 4ID COP Keating. COP Keating is a Combat Outpost located in eastern Afghanistan only about 15 miles from the Pakistani border. For more Information see: It sounds like one heck of a hellish place to be stationed, so my bet is that this soldier sees too much combat.

There is a fly in the ointment with this assignment for me. My soldier has no email address listed with Soldiers' Angels. That means I cannot be in rapid contact with him to find out anything about his needs and wants for a care package for him and his fellow troops. He did put down a list of some items with Soldiers' Angels such as toiletries and cigarettes and dip (smokeless tobacco) since his base has no PX. I imagine I will start shopping in the next day or two. If he is still assigned to me at Christmas you can expect solicitations from me to you for help once again. Although I have a donation button posted on the upper right side of my blog I probably will not really pester anyone before then unless he and his buddies have some special needs that I cannot cover financially. Of course if you want to you can always help out by donating money to my PayPal account using the donate button I just mentioned.

All the best,
Glenn B


Humble wife said...

Hey Glenn
I have been thinking of you and am praying that your wife is better- I know how bad the FLU is as I had it very bad.

lol- to the fact that I was going to tell you that you are in the west as I drive to NY- but you are home!

I am in between columbus and cleveland heading to Fort Drum...

Btw...count me in this year once again. Keep a tab on the corner of your blog, cause when I return I want to remind myself. I have been tucking a few bucks away all year...not much, but more than last time!!

Take care and best wishes of health for your wife

Glenn Bartley said...

Hi Jen,


Thanks for the get well wishes for my wife. She is getting beter slowly. She is still pretty miserable but getting better each day.

All the best,

Humble wife said...

I am in NY- wow! The state is green and well loaded with trees and animals!(northern part at least!!)

I saw what I think are groundhogs along side the highway...bigger than cats and stand like a prairie dog...
I also saw wild turkey along the road!!

Such an amazing thing to see...I still love the west, but I confess I am impressed~
Good to hear about your wife.Yes I am on base at the hotel- visiting my son.

Take care

Glenn Bartley said...

Sounds like groud hogs to me. NY has lots of wildlife, you may even get to see a moose. Be careful if you see any deer, while you look at the one running along side the road, another runs out in front of you.

Enjoy the green while you are here. Hope your son is well and your visit is a nice one.