Saturday, January 24, 2009

Bailing Out The Failed Bailouts - What Will The Lawyers Screw Up Next

I just had a thought, one that those in the media have not made comment on, one that those in Washington, DC and state governments have not made comment on either. If the current bailouts of the financial industry fail, and then banks start collapsing - as in closing their doors to customers because they are bankrupt - where is the FDIC going to acquire all the money necessary to pay off all those FDIC insured accounts?

No, I am not even going to guess where it will come from because I know that it will be demanded that the tax payer foot the bill if it is to be honored. Of course another option would be for the government to just print reams upon reams of new currency and flood the market with it by way of insurance payments to those who had insured accounts. of course that would me mega devaluation of the dollar, and all the money you had protected in just one account would probably fall to 75% or less of its former worth - if you are lucky it will not fall to 25% of its former value. There is no way the government can afford to pay; and that brings us to the third option - the government declaring itself bankrupt and defaulting on all outstanding debt. Think it cannot happen, get back in touch with me when the trillions expected to be paid toward the bailout disappear and another bailout is required and the lawyers in disguise as government executive officers, representatives, senators, and appointed staff members of them tell us we have to dig deeper than ever.

My guess is that once again we as a nation led by lawyers we will spew forth whatever rhetoric is required to allow people to take the free ride be they politicians, corporate or banking executives, stockholders, people who buy houses with absolutely no way to pay for them or the lawyers who represent them all. I think if it actually comes to something like any of the financial messes I described above, then We The People should actually consider and push for some form of new government to be instituted to take care of the problem. No violent overthrow stuff - no I am not going to advocate that - not yet any how, but we sure do need some new blood in DC and I do not mean legal hacks like the current and past administrations. What I mean is that it is about time that the lawyers who make up most of the Senate, and most of the House of representatives, and even the presidency be shown the door. In their places I would recommend that you vote for candidates who actually have practical experience in jobs other than lawyering. For example I recommend that our Congress be limited to less than 25% lawyers, and that the rest of the seats go to people in other professions or trades. I would like to see some plumbers, carpenters, dock workers, dentists, police officers, deliverymen, teachers, professors, bankers, stockbrokers, accountants, farmers, ranchers, waiters, pilots, nurses, military service people, and so on get into the House of Representatives - remember those in the House of Representatives ARE SUPPOSED TO ACTUALLY REPRESENT THEIR CONSTITUENTS so why are so many of them lawyers! I would also like to see some higher end or more experienced workers (not lawyers) get into the Senate such as: doctors, professors, executive managers from all sorts of industry, police officers of rank, nurses, dentists, union chiefs, and even some lower level managers. I cannot understand for the life of me why so many people are fooled into believing that We The People need to elect lawyers to run a Government OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE.

Do you think that too easy. Or do you think it would never work? Why is that? Are the rest of us morons, are lawyers, for the most part, capable of running things more than anyone else (if so then there is no hope we will ever get it right because they never have done so before and they only keep screwing up)! Come on folks wake up, get it right, it is the lawyers in great part who have been screwing us over and raping our nation for all it is worth. They are the ones who have run government for years. They run every aspect of our lives from way to high medical bills all caused by malpractice insurance rates caused by lawyers who sue for hundreds of millions, to our auto insurance rates, to our homeowner insurance rates (ever see those commercials for slip and fall bloodsuckers), to our criminal law, to laws that regulate our schools, to laws that even go as far as saying what type of cooking oil with which a restaurant can prepare food, to almost anything of which you can think. They have there greedy paws on everything, or so it seems. Do you really think that lawyers who become representatives, senators or even presidents will ever really change things to benefit the rest of us, or will the greatest profit always go to them and their employers? It is about time we look elsewhere for our leaders, and I think there is a good possibility if you look around you right now you may see some people with great potential to legislate for and lead us, and the great majority of them are not lawyers!

All the best,
Glenn B