Tuesday, October 28, 2008

List Of Shooters Willing To Help You Learn To Shoot

Today I received an email from Mulligan of Do Over: http://outofoptions.wordpress.com/ asking if it was okay to include my info on a list of folks willing to help new shooters learn to shoot. Of course, I said yes.

Now for the good news: If you are a new shooter, in need of some instruction, there is a place for you to look where you can get an idea of those who are willing to give you a hand with the basics across the USA. The list covers people in 13 or 14 states who apparently are willing to help new shooters learn firearms basics. I cannot vouch for any of them as to shooting abilities or instructor abilities that is except for myself, and while I am not on that list yet I imagine I soon will be there. The thing is though, these folks are willing to give you some personal instruction in the use of firearms, and as far as I am aware they are doing so at no charge for their services. As I said, I cannot speak for each of them but I do at least know I am not charging anything.

If you have been looking for someone to teach you the basics, why not go to this link: http://outofoptions.wordpress.com/mentors/ to see if there is someone listed in your area. It may be that you find that for which you have been looking. Even if you decide not to take advantage of the free instruction offered by these folks and you decide to seek professional instruction for a fee, the chances are that some of these guys and gals could get you on target for that too.

Happy and safe shooting.

All the best,
Glenn B

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Mulligan said...

yay more links !!

the volunteers I have listed make their own appointments so the specifics will change from contact to contact.

Most have websites where you can go and 'meet' them.

Some list credentials which to some extent quantify their level of expertise.

For the most part they are affiliated with some club or range and meetings happen in public places.

So far, while I have been to the range with only 1; I believe a few have been to blogger or gunnie meets across the country.