Friday, July 11, 2008

A Finer Poem

The following is poetry at its finest, and is indeed a poem of great merit full of both wisdom and wit. I would love to be able to say that I penned it, but the truth be told I do not know the author, and have only ever seen it credited as: Anon. As a kid, I thought that Mr. Anon fella was one smart guy because there was so much he had written. Just in case you think or ever thought likewise, allow me to tell you that Anon means the work was attributed to an anonymous author. Sometimes I cannot believe the things I used to believe. Oh to be young, ignorant, and blissful again. Enough of that, here is the poem


The horse and mule live 30 years
And nothing know of wines and beers.
The goat and sheep at 20 die
With never a taste of scotch or rye.
The cow drinks water by the ton
And at 18 is mostly done.
The dog at 16 cashes in
Without the aid of rum or gin.
The cat in milk and water soaks
And then in 12 short years it croaks.
The modest, sober, bone dry hen
Lays eggs for noggs, then dies at 10.
All animals then are strictly dry
They sinless live and swiftly die
But sinful, ginful, rum soaked men
Survive for three score years and ten.
And some of us, the mighty few,
Stay pickled till we’re ninety two.

I think I'll have to stop over at my local retailer of alcoholic beverages this evening and pick up a bottle or two of fine spirits. I want to hit at least 94.
All the best,
Glenn B


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May neither drought nor rain nor blizzard.
Disturb the joy juice in your gizzard.
And may you camp where wind won't hit you.
Where snakes won't bite and bears won't get you.