Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Oh Tell Me It's Not So - Not Mr. Sulu Too!

Maybe I have been living in a cocoon, and maybe that is why I never realized that the actor who portrayed one of my favorite characters from the original Star Trek series apparently (and reportedly) was and is a man who prefers the company of men in a gay way! Go here to read the brief story about how George Takei plans to marry his partner who I am assuming is a man with a name like: Brad Altman.

First it was Rock Hudson (a he man of the film world), then the rumor was that Jim Nabors (aka: Gomer Pyle from the Andy Griffith show, and Gomer Pyle USMC) had joined the ranks (maybe just rumor?), and now Mr. Sulu too. I am in disbelief is all the rest I can say.

If any one ever proves to me that Chuck Connors (aka: Lucas McCain- The Rifleman), who was married three or four times and had at least a few kids, was also gay as I have heard it rumored, well I'll probably just shoot shit myself.

All the best,
Glenn B


Humble wife said...

I remember when I found out that Rock Hudson was gay...talk about devastating.

Along the years I realized something maybe not prophetic, but one that made sense to me. Hollywood is for make believe so those who had to hide an identity could pretend with the world and all was well.

I think that it is true and has rang true many times. Sadly my problem is the film studios blatantly hiding the sexuality of the actor. I would have preferred not to learn of the extremes just to keep up the image...I mean come on having Rock marry:??!! And Tom Cruise?!?!?

oh well shooting yourself is probably going to not be an option if we continue to chip away at the Constitution and gun ownership...


Jungle Mom said...

Mr. Sulu?????

Glenn Bartley said...

Mr. Sulu, a character in the original Star Trek series, portrayed by George Takei.

Jungle Mom said...

Yeah, I know who Mr. Sulu is,..but Mr Sulu is gay!?!?!?!?!