Saturday, March 29, 2008

LiveLeak and a Peed Upon Wad Of Toilet Paper - what do they have in common?

Serious threats were apparently made, and LiveLeak crumpled like a wad of piss wet toilet paper by pulling the film FITNA from the Internet. So what do they have in common, they are both yellow and both spineless. Whatever happened to having backbone?

What makes them think that pulling the film will help protect them. All it will probably do is allow the cowardly Islamo-Fascist dirt bags to win another victory. How can we unite to fight them, if we are so afraid of them that we wet our pants each time they say boo? What we should be doing instead is saying boo right back at them, and holding onto a large deadly weapon when we do so. There is nothing wrong with self defense, nothing at all. Too bad our political leaders have, for decades, told us we are weak, we need the police to save us, we cannot defend ourselves, we don't need this right, or that right, and have constantly slowly but surely eroded our rights. Why too bad - because now the Islamo-Fascists are playing us for the fools we were to have believed our politicians were doing us any good. They too are hitting at us a little at a time, and we are so self centered not to realize that they are a threat not just to me or you or an entity like Live Leak - they mean to either conquer or kill us all. Wake up, wake up before it is too late, then stand against them because wetting your panties and giving up your rights isn't going to help. They will not become our friends simply because we let them do what they want, and they will not stray from their stated goal of conquest or death for us just because we allow them to scare us into submission.

It is obvious to me, if not to the folks at LiveLeak that the Islamo-Fascists do not want to get along with us or accept one anothers' cultures; so why should we accept them, yet it is what LiveLeak is now suggesting - can you imagine that. Not only did they fold and pull FITNA, now it seems to me they are suggesting getting along with terrorists. They claim to have "stood for what we believe in...", but go onto say that: " the end the price was too high". What price would they pay for freedom! What price will they pay to get out from under the Islamo-Fascists once they take over? What in Hades did they expect would happen when they published the movie? It is obvious that those at LiveLeak are not ready to defend themselves, let alone the principles of free speech about which they yammer in the trailer they left in place of FITNA. This is, as they said, "...a sad day for free speech..." - not because free speech is under attack by Islamo-Fascists, but rather because those who exercised free speech apparently were too much of the whimpering coward variety to stand up for that in which they claimed they held a belief. What the hell has happened to the backbone of the people of the world today? If this is how we would support freedom of speech - or any of our other rights in the face of usurpers - well we may as well all start praising Allah and going to the mosque tomorrow.

Holy crap, hold the presses. I just visited the LiveLeak site, and guess what video is now prominently displayed: "Turn To Islam"! Here is the link, but I think it is sickening that they took off FITNA, but yet show this. When you think about it, it seems not only did they remove FITNA, they may well have capitulated to the point of bending over backwards to appease the Islamo-Fascists by placing this new video: in place of FITNA. I mean the other stuff on the page that comes up with this new video is almost all related to FITNA, but this suely is not the film FITNA - not by a long shot. What will they at LiveLeak do next, start beheading people for the cause if the Islamo-Fascists threaten them and then tell them to do it; or wil they just start pointing out the Jews, Christians and other non-Islamists? I may someday have to turn to Islam-Fascism but when I do it will be to defend my way of life and yours - not to kiss an Islamo-Fascist's ass.

All the best,
Glenn B

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