Friday, March 7, 2008

Quick - Don't Delay - Go... to watch a video and listen to words of wisdom about Islam. I do not know how long this will be kept on the page to which I have supplied the link - and if you really want to here some straight talk about Islam in England - well then hurry to this link.

You can bet I am going to listen to a lot more of what this guy has posted on his site.

Oh goody, I just found it on YouTube, so here it is:

Oh, don't expect to be finding a lot of reverent holier than thou Christian stuff on this guys pages or in his videos. I don't think he is very pro-religion - at least not in most of the current forms. I kind of get the picture that he believes in one of the things I have always believed - It is the weird holy men of the world who cause most of the grief in the world - does not matter what religion they practice either - yes in that regard he may be in agreement with me, but that requires further research to determine.

All the best,
Glenn B