Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Remington 241 Takedown Rifle - Partial disassembly and reassembly using takedown feature

BB's Blog reader Fred sent me an email saying he just picked up a model 241 for himself. He is unaware as to how to operate the takedown feature of this rifle and asked that I let him know how it's done. It is a simple operation as follows. Remember to always make sure to follow the rules of firearms safety when you carry out this, or any, disassembly/reassembly of a firearm.

Disassembly: (Note: In the video I say this is one easy step, but as you can see here the takedown can be broken down into several, although still easy, steps).

1) As with virtually any firearm that you are about to disassemble, make sure that it is unloaded.

2) Grasp the rifle, preferably with two hands, one at the rear of the barrel assembly, and the other on the receiver.

3) With a finger of either hand, push or pull the take-down button toward the rear of the receiver. The takedown button is located on the left side toward the front end of the receiver.

4) Holding the button toward the back of the receiver, give a twist to the barrel at the breech end, twisting it as far as it will go in a clockwise direction (when looking from stock toward muzzle).

5) Pull the barrel assembly free of the receiver. Now your model 241 is ready for cleaning, storage, or carry in the taken down mode.


1) To reassemble the rifle, hold receiver in one hand, barrel assembly in the other hand, and place the breech end of barrel assembly into the receiver in same position as it was when you removed it, and so it is fully seated. Then twist the barrel assembly counter-clockwise (when looking from stock toward muzzle) back into place. When doing so you should hear an audible click indicating that the takedown button has reengaged.

Note that is you have a different version of this rifle than mine, yours may operate differently than the one in the video, and may require different steps for disassembly and/or reassembly.

This may not be Hollywood, or even Bollywood, level video; but I think you get the picture.

All the best,

Glenn B

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Anonymous said...

I inherited one of these rifles and it needed cleaning. I had no idea how to take it apart. Your video and instructions were great. Thank you.