Sunday, December 16, 2007

Correction To An Earlier Post

Yes the sign did include the word PLEASE. Now that I have seen a picture of the sign from a different angle, I can make it out. I had said I did not see it in the pics I saw, not that it mattered much to me, but it should matter to the politicians who are considering screwing this guy, and making him remove the sign from his business. The word "please" in the sign clearly indicates that this is a request that people speak English when ordering, it is not a mandate, and therefore it could not possibly be discriminatory in as much as being a violation of someones civil rights. As Mr. Vento has said over and over again, if someone does not or cannot speak English, they still get served, but this is the USA and he prefers they speak English. Good Man.
By the way, this pic was found at: at:,2933,316939,00.html.
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jennifer said...

Isn't this America???I sometimes seem to forget...especially in NM where most of business is handled in Spanish...

I totally am with this man...Pray it works out well for him. I saw the story on Hannity and I cannot believe how much he has to spend on legal fees to protect this right.

I mean doesn't the owner have a right to refuse service to anyone? This guy is not refusing service, just asking for English.

Oh well the ramblings of my slow Monday,
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