Thursday, November 29, 2007

CIGARS For The Troops

Okay, enough of the blogging every post about donations for the the Soldiers' Christmas/Holiday Package, well at least after this one post.

The generous donation by STREAMLIGHT far surpassed the expectations I had, so I can give it a break, and my next few posts (at least) will be about other topics. Of course, I'll keep giving weekly updates on the donations. So starting later tonight or tomorrow, I'll start posting about other things near and dear to the hearts of my readers (or that are at least near and dear to my heart), such as: Firearms, Current Domestic and World Affairs and News, Politics, Daily Life, Herpetology, Today In History and so forth.

Of course, one of the things I'll still be sure to post about will still be the Soldiers' Christmas/Holiday Package, and the things I will be buying for inclusion inside of it. Because the lights have been donated by STREAMLIGHT - I will start shopping for other things this weekend. On that subject I need you input, as to what should be put into the package.

One suggestion on which I intend to follow up is that of including cigars. I will be out looking for them this weekend. So if you know of a decent cigar, that comes in a box of 24 or so, and that can be had at about $50 to $75 per box, please let me know. I may even spend up to $100 on a box of them, but I do not want to go overboard. I am hopeful I can get a decent smoke for that price, but I have no clue. Tell me brands, name of the particular type of cigar, wrapper color (dark or light) and so on.

All the best,
Glenn B


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don't smoke ciggys and can't give money but I am giving you a write up/linky love.....