Tuesday, October 2, 2007

A Noose Around Her Neck...

as a school lesson, and all they seem concerned with is political correctness. Read this: Grambling State University Investigates Pictures of Noose Lesson, then ask yourselves "Why on earth is the school administration, and everyone else for that matter, apparently only concerned about whether or not these pictures should have appeared in a school newspaper? In fact why is that their concern at all! The fact is that school administrators seem more concerned about their image and political correctness than they do about the welfare of the young child who had the noose placed around her neck. They seem less than concerned about the fact that heavyset woman, who in another picture I saw yesterday, is apparently holding the child around the waist so she does not fall and get strangled, even though it certainly appears as if the other person is tying the noose to the tree, or maybe removing it from where it was tied to the tree. Heck why is she smiling for the camera? Though I don't have that pic available here is a Foxnews description of it:

"One shows a young girl in a school uniform being held up by a woman while someone else, mostly hidden by a tree, holds a noose around her neck and up to a branch."

Should not the main issue here be child safety? Should it not be the major concern to discover whether or not the life of the student was potentially at risk because of the actions of the two school employees who were giving this so called lesson. Should not a big part of that main issue be whether of not these two school employees are still employed, and potentially able to endanger the lives of students? If I was the parent of this child, I would not be outraged that a picture of this event ran in a school paper; however you can bet I would be screaming for an investigation into whether or not the life of my child had been at risk during this so called lesson. I would think that the school administration should be doing the same. I would think that law enforcement in the area should be doing likewise. If the facts turn out to be that these adults actually tied a rope to a tree, then put the noose end of it around this girl's neck, I would think they should face child endangerment charges. Yet, for some reason no one involved seems to get this, not the Gramblinite which ran the pics, not the school administration, not the local authorities, not FoxNews.com, and certainly not Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson whose only reported concerns seem to be whether or not the school paper was treated too harshly, and whether or not white students should suffer more because of they hung nooses from trees three months ago, but never placed any one's neck inside the nooses. Got fan the flames of racism and get whitey Al and Jesse, you are doing the only thing which you seemingly are any good at.

" Jesse Jackson have said the charges were too heavy for the actions and that three white students who were suspended after hanging nooses from a tree on the school campus three months earlier should have been expelled and prosecuted."

I don't know exactly what to do to get this straightened, but maybe some emails and phone calls to the Grambling Administration, and to the grade school would be in order. Maybe a few more to area law enforcement, and to state representatives would get this pointed in the right direction; and as I have already made clear, that direction would be an investigation of whether or not this young girls life or well being was ever at risk, and whether or not the two adults in the photo should suffer because of that. I guess if the race baiters have their way, the welfare of the girl and the responsibility or lack of it by those two adults will never be questioned, so long as they can score political and fund raising points. I think it a crying shame that people look up to folks like that as role models.

All the best,
Glenn B


jennifer said...

I saw this the other day. I could not believe that a student had a noose placed around her neck.

To parents this is a lesson. What has been kept from you similar to a**nine lessons like so.

Good to see another saw this.

MightyMom said...

holy crap! that gives me chills!

thanks for the input..that's a bit big for my taste! OK, no hermit crabs, no tortioses...I'm thinking BOOKS for Christmas!! heeheehee.

Subvet said...

How does someone justify this crappola? If my kid was in any class at that elementary school you can bet Hell would be coming to Frogtown ASAP over this one!

What do these people use for brains?

Jungle Mom said...

I some how missed this during my travels...they really put a noose around a kid?!?!?!
And the problem is the picture being printed??? Not the fact that they put a noose around a kids neck????

Anonymous said...

Where is the child protective services??? This is clearly a child endangerment issue here!! They should be arrested and serve time for putting this child in a noose. Furthermore, as a teacher myself, I feel all involved should never be allowed to work with children again!
On another note, had these been white teachers involved in this "lesson" there would have been marches lead by Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton...where are they?? This is a disgrace for the institution that allowed this!