Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Turban Bomb

Thanks to the folks at Four Right Wing Wackos I have been introduced, in a round about way, to Turban Bomb - Reports From The Danish Frontline another blog that looks like it will be well worth a read on a frequent basis. The guys at 4RWWS linked to this: To Whom it May Concern over at The Ghost of a Flea. The rant To Whom It may Concern was based on, or was a copied part of, a rant Surrender? Up Yours! at Turban Bomb. I was quite interested and amused by that one, so I read some more of the rants at Turban Bomb. Quite interesting, and very eye opening indeed to see how it is on the front lines of a European country in which the Muslims are attempting a religious and national takeover of power as they spread the insidious cancer of Islamic rule across the world. It may be too late for the Danes, but maybe not, they are fighting back to some extent; and hopefully it will be enough for them to persevere and to maintain Danish sovereignty, culture and nationality. It is becoming apparent that those who believe there really are no other ways to combat the Islamo Fascist than to throw all Muslims out of a country may be correct because it seems if you allow them in, and then to remain, the cancer spreads - slowly at first - heck slowly for years, then suddenly it rages out of control. Hopefully the Danes will have the smarts to remove it surgically before it is too late.

By the way, if this offends any Muslims who may read it, then why are you not offended by the Islamo Fascists who try to conquer the world in the name of Islam. If you do nothing to deter them, then you support them as I see it, and you yourself are an offense to your own god and your own faith. If you think otherwise, then maybe it is true that the true goal of Islam is to conquer the world. What say you?

All the best,
Glenn B