Friday, August 31, 2007

Another Day At The Range...

...another day in Paradise. Getting back to work was great if only because I spent most of the afternoon at the range for quarterly qualifications. I didn't shoot as well as usual, but I guess that is sort of understandable what with my health in the dumpers over the past several weeks. I did manage to do fairly well though and scored a 138 and 137 out of 150 on both quals with my Glock 19. Then I shot a perfect score with my Remington 870, and shot a 246 out of 250 with my MP5. Those Glock scores had me a bit on the downside, but as the range officer said - he could tell I had been ill. I am sure next time, my score will be up where it belongs in the high 140s to 150. I also enjoyed some tactical exercises, and some defensive tactics training regarding defense against knives. All very informative, though I hope I never have to try to use those techniques.

Work can have its good days, and range days usually are very good indeed.

All the best,
Glenn B


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MightyMom said...

funny, I was at the range yesterday is a good feeling!

Steve said...

Good post, it would be perfect with some gratuitous mp5 pics..

Glenn Bartley said...

No "gratuitous gun pics", that is something another guy does on his site. I will post a picture of it though.

All the best,