Thursday, May 24, 2007

Some People Are Crazy, Some Are Criminal, Some Are Stupid...

...and if you read this article: Man Sentenced to Life for Killing Teen Who Walked on His Lawn you will see an examples of a man who was probably crazy and criminal as it now stands, and a number of other people (quite likely 12) who were, in my opinion, just outright stupid. Read the article for yourselves and it will, or should, be readily apparent why I believe the convicted man was both crazy (note I did not say legally insane) and criminal. It should also be readily apparent why I think the members of the jury who convicted him were stupid. If is not apparent you can always come back and ask me, in the comments section, why I thought they were stupid; and no I will not think you stupid for asking.

What a legal system!

All the best,
Glenn B

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jennifer said...

Where's Forrest Gump when you need him? Stupid is ...

Not planned? Waiting for the boy to return?

Time to check the educational background of the jurors a little better...or the defense did just that:(