Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Liability For Reporting Suspicious Activity?

If what is editorialized about here comes to pass, then our enemies do not need more 9/11 type attacks to defeat us, we will have become a self defeating gaggle of politically insane apologists in that by trying to be politically correct we have totally lost sight of right from wrong. If people are allowed to sue one another because someone reports suspicious behavior to the authorities and no arrest is made, that is absolutely ridiculous. It is the government from which we are protected by the constitution when it says the probable cause is a requirement to arrest or search and seize. Private citizens are not required to have diddly squat in order to give their opinion to authorities that something is suspicious, that is the way it has been throughout history, and that is the way it should remain. As long as a citizen does so in good faith, and not out of maliciousness, they should be protected at all costs from any type of prosecution - criminal or civil. Before a civil or criminal suit could even be considered, the burden of proof in such a case should rest with the person suing, as to that person being able to substantiate, with reasonable certainty, that the other who supplied the authorities with information was being malicious in the first place. That's my two cents - screw the bastards who want to make it impossible for us, by way of our own laws, to defend ourselves from their attempted usurpation of our freedom.

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Glenn B

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jennifer said...

It never ceases to amaze me how the left allows so much leeway for their illegal behaviors( money in a freezer for example) and go after(or permit) the average citizen for doing their civic duty.

I constantly see small chips in our foundation, and wonder when it might reach a too late mode?

Great post!