Friday, May 18, 2007

An Anti Illegal Alien Post & An Exploding Head...

...would have resulted had I tired to blog yesterday, and that head would have been mine! There was only one subject about which I could possibly have written about yesterday, and that would have been the agreement between the president and the Senate on the proposed Immigration reform bill. I was pretty sickened with disgust and anger yesterday when heard about the latest proposal to allow the 10 to 12 million illegal aliens, thought to be in our country, to become legalized. It almost made me puke when I thought: "What if the estimates are wrong, and it winds up there are really 20 million of them here?". i just cannot stomach the idea that millions of people who have committed a criminal act to enter or remain in the United States will be getting some sort of privileges from that criminal act. If these people admit they are here illegally, then in essence they are admitting they have committed a felony - and George W. Quisling Bush, and many of our Vichy Senators want to reward them by ultimately making them citizens while those who already waited years on foreign shores hoping to legally immigrate to the USA are pretty much pissed upon overlooked by our government.

I could go on for hours on this one, but I will come to the point now, instead of dragging this out and making you read thousands more of my words. We The People Of The United States Of America have to do something, and have to do it now, in order to protect our sovereignty, our culture, our economy from these foreign Freddy The Freeloaders. These people are illegal aliens, not legal immigrants and there is no reason to reward them for criminality so we need to act to prevent such. Here is what we need to do to prevent this travesty of justice:

Go to
Numbers USA, join their site, then send in as many free faxes that they have to send in against this proposal. This is free, as in really free. Of course they accept donations, but currently there is absolutely no charge from the site to register for it and to send faxes.

Contact those in
White House. Write to the President (although I think this will do little to no good because Bush seems enamored with the idea of rewarding criminals, do it anyway, give him something to lose sleep over in his last days as president). You can use this link to send emails to the president, or you can write a letter and send it to him at:

The President Of The United States of America
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

Or you can call the White House to register an oral complaint at: 202-456-1414 (this is the switchboard number, so why not call it and actually ask to speak to the president and vice president - no they will not put you through but make sure to tell them you want to voice your complaint to a live person).

Whatever you do, keep it respectful - no cursing, no yelling, don't hurt the cause.

In addition to the above, here is what you can do, and this will likely stop the proposal if we get in enough complaints. Contact you elected Senators and Representatives in Congress. Use this link to find out who are your Senators, and how to contact them:

If you are uncertain of who is your representative in Congress, use this link to find out who is your Representative in Congress, and how to contact him/her:

If you know your representative in Congress, this one maybe faster:

Write a letter, send them an email, call them on the phone, get the idea across to them that law abiding citizens of the USA, that is: We The people Of The United States of America do not want to reward illegal aliens with legal status in our country! Please do not call them illegal immigrants, since immigrants come here legally and go through the whole immigration process legally. Call them what they are, and keep it respectful, and maybe, just maybe, we can turn around these politicians who only see this as a wealth of new voters, as a way to keep cheap labor here in the USA, and as a way to make it certain that within 15 years or so, Social Security, medicare, Medicaid and most other social programs in the USA will be bankrupt, and our taxes will therefore skyrocket. Do you part to support our country, and to support one another's and our children's futures.

All the best,
Glenn B

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jennifer said...

I am writing about this very subject on my home school blog. Sadly no tragically we are on a very slippery slope, and I am unsure that it will change.