Saturday, April 7, 2007

Rap Music I Can Tolerate, and Maybe Even Enjoy!

I am not, or at least never was a fan of Rap music or Hip-Hop. My son listens to it frequently, I let him so long as I do not hear it calling for rape, pillage or plunder. As for me, I just don't like it; so if my son and I travel in our one car with the CD player (our other car only has a tape player) we listen to one another's favored CDs. Therefore my son knows the words to a bunch of Johnny Cash songs, and a bunch of 60's and 70's rock and roll, etc. I still do not know the words to Rap music songs, I kind of zone out to it, most of the time, when he plays that stuff.

Yet, if more Rap songs (or would it be Hip-Hop) had lyrics like the one I just listened to thanks to a link courtesy of Random Nuclear Strikes; maybe I would have been a fan of listened to such music on rare occasion, and paid attention. A link to the song in question, No Holds Barred, can be found in this post at RNS @

I feel for the armed burgular, or other bad guy who wishes to harm someone, who breaks into that rapper's castle; not that I feel bad mind you, it is rather the warm gushy feeling of content the feeling of knowing justice has probably been done.

Best regards,
Glenn B


jennifer said...

OK, I've tagged you for The Thinking Blogger Award. Swing over to see what you need to do.

jennifer said...

I must respond again. I was telling my brother and husband who I was tagging in The Thinking Blogger Award, and they wanted to know what your blog name stood for.
I told them that I had seen a place on your blog explaining the name and had never looked.
As a 'cop' family we all about died laughing! Too-too funny( mildly off color) yet absolutely the levity that police need to lighten their hectic days.
I'm sure many a person has had a goofy laugh that will be a long time before they forget!!!

Glenn Bartley said...


That story is all true to the last word, not one bit of embellishment! I will admit, some of it seems funny now, but back then, it was dead serious right up until the time I got that nickname which was hillarious.

All the best,