Monday, April 9, 2007

Links to Interesting Bloggers...

...those whom I have found, to date, to be worthy of my time and effort to read them are listed on the right side of my page under the heading: Grumps, Geeks, and Geniuses - Bloggers All Worth A Read. Yes, of course, that link list is quite subjective, and is according to my own tastes. I think anyone I have placed into that link list has a good to excellent blog, is interesting (at least to me even if my ideals do not match with theirs), shows a certain amount of intelligence, and is worth a link. I list them in alphabetical order not to show any favoritism. I have my favorites, those I read everyday whether or not I have the time to spare, but who they are does not matter. if you read them, and wind up liking them, you will pick your own favorites.

The link list to other bloggers' sites keeps growing, albeit slowly but steadily nonetheless. In that way, as I expand my own horizons, I hope also to allow my readers to follow suit. Not to follow me by liking what I like, mind you, but to expand at their own speed down the often jumbled pathway of links as they see fit, or to blaze their own trail so to speak. One of the truly wonderful things about the Internet, especially the so called Bloggosphere, is the ability to link. Through links you can discover people's sites you would never otherwise have found on your own. Finding those sites will allow you to see ideas in writing you may not have otherwise seen. Yes, linking can be a good thing; and I try to supply links to sites I feel have quality content. Usually when you click on one of the links I have supplied, you will find that the site to which I have linked also links to a host of other sites. A wide number of pathways has opened up to you in the virtual world of the Bloggosphere.

Sometimes when you click on those other links, you wind up at sites where you realize you would rather not be. Other times, you wind up at places that seem full of interesting idea, be they in agreement or disagreement with your own. Sometimes you bookmark these sites, other times you link your own site to them, yet at other times you just wind passing through and not going back. If you choose to not revisit a site, such is your choice, based upon your own likes and dislikes; but be careful not miss opportunity. Before leaving a site behind forever, give at least a cursory look at the other sites to which it links. You may find a real gem hidden in the muck, bloggers do not always link to sites just like their own, and this is what keeps blogging links so interesting.

Another reason I link to sites, besides just finding them interesting or enjoyable, is to return a courtesy. If I have found that someone links to my site in their link roll (blog roll or whatever) I usually link right back to them. Of course I look over their site first, but as it seems if they link to me it is usually a site, if not of the same likes as mine, that is one that is interesting in a fairly civil manner. Some bloggers have apparently done likewise by linking to my blog, some have not for whatever reasons. I kind of wish some of the others to whom I link would return the courtesy, but who am I to say whom they should include on their link lists. Whether or not they return the courtesy to me, I find their blogs interesting and supply the links so you too can visit their sites to see if you find them likewise.

My hope is that you visit some of those linked sites, and that you at least find some of them of interest to you, and that through the links they and I have supplied, you will expand your own horizons and help others to do likewise.

All the best,
Glenn B


Jungle Mom said...

HEY! You linked to me! I'll get yours up on mine soon, I a geek, grump, or genius?

Glenn Bartley said...

I think we are each a little bit of all three, but so far you have only proven to be a genius.