Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Arms Smuggling 101

Take a moment and visit Deb Schlussel's web site and see what an airline employee smuggled onto a flight out of Orlando, see:

Scroll to march 7th once on her site.

You can also click on this to see the news article about it:

Amazing isn't it. Let me correct myself:

It is not really amazing, but rather sad that it could happen so easily after 9/11. As you know I am as pro-gun as they come, but this was ludicrous on behalf of the TSA and airport security; or was it? Did they know this was happening, have the guy under surveillance, and hope the arms would be delivered at the destination so someone else could also be arrested. Time will tell.

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Glenn B

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Windy Wilson said...

Worse, the blog by Debbie Schlussel mentions a "simulated takeover" of a flight from Paris.


Not only are our elected officials 9/10, they no longer are aware that 9/11 happened!