Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Election Day Today...

Well, it is election day in my village today for the mayoral race. I dropped my daughter off for work, then I drove right to my local polling place to put in my votes for mayor and village trustee. I did not vote along any party lines, heck it is difficult to determine who leans left or right by the names of the parties in my village. One party is the New Line Party, the other is the Hometown Party. I always figured the New Liners were the libs, but was surprisingly told today that our current mayor, whom I voted against, is likely a republican. I am considerate that this may mean the other side was a democrat, I hope not, but in the scheme of things right now on our village level I voted for whom I thought was best; and I find it hard to believe the incumbent is a conservative in any way shape or form. Oh well, that does not matter to me simply because he has been one heck of a tax and spend sort of a guy. In the couple of years he has been mayor taxes have skyrockets in our village as I understand. In addition he placed parking meters on residential blocks that come off of business district streets. To add insult to injury, he tried to push the creation of a local police department and swore all along it would pay for itself, without new or higher taxes!
Right now we pay the county for our police protection, and we get a fair share of it being we have one county police precinct in our village, as well as having County Police Headquarters in the village too. His opponent was against the local PD, and I liked that, among other things about her, enough to vote for her. As a matter of fact, the current mayor tried to push in the creation of the PD and was opposed to a referendum on it. The voters did get their say though, and we voted it out by a wide margin some months ago. In the long run, it would have just increased taxes with no end in sight to those increases. Besides that it was a piss poor plan for a PD, something like 12 to 15 officers to run the whole department, including police patrols, emergency response, traffic violations, and the like; and it apparently did not consider such things as what would happen if a few guys called in sick all at once, or if a couple of them were on vacation, not realistically anyhow. Piss poor planning, that was it. So I voted for the competition. Hopefully she will do a more sensible job.

One last thing, when I arrived at the polling place, my guess is it was about 40 degrees out. Despite the chill in the air, I took off my jacket before entering the polling place. I did so because I wanted to show off my new tee-shirt to anyone who was there. The only comments I got, from 4 folks who worked the polls were essentially: 'what a nice shirt'. Yep not even one negative remark, and I also got a few smiles and nods. I just got the shirt in the mail last night, and I plan to wear it proudly up until the elections in 2008 (no not every minute of every day, but I will wear it a lot), or maybe until just after the Democratic Party's primaries. I feel it is my duty to do so, until communism is re-defeated in 2008. Now while I may not be much of a self portrait taker (I cut off my own head) all you really needed to see was my new shirt anyhow. What do you think of it?

A better design may have been one with several images of certain candidates added on, but this one says it pretty well with just the one for now. I certainly think it lets my political sentiment about Mrs. Clinton be known to all; heck that is my political sentiment about communists in general even if her picture were not on the shirt. Listen to Michael Savage sometime on the radio, or check out his site if you do not know what I mean.

That’s it for now.

All the best,
Glenn B