Sunday, January 21, 2007

Duck Soup...

...almost anyhow. Have you seen the one about the duck destined to be someone's dinner, that wound up being just to tough to eat. The thing is though that the meat wasn't tough, it was actually as the headlines says it: Tough Duck Stays Alive for 2 Days in Refrigerator After Being Shot @,2933,245226,00.html. Now can you imagine that! A duck gets shot by a hunter; and just for the record I have no problem with that since I sometimes hunt. The the hunter brings the duck home, probably meant as a meal for a later date, so he or his wife puts it into the fridge. Then 2 days later, when the wife opens the fridge she is startled when the duck pops its head up and gives her the hairy eyeball (okay the feathery eyeball). I do have a problem with that!

Do you see the problem with all of this. No it is not that the hunter was a lousy shot, ducks are not that easy to hit at all, let alone with a kill shot. The problem is that someone put the duck into the fridge - and mind you they did so without making sure it was dead, and then gutting and cleaning it first. What were these folks thinking? I can just imagine the crud that wound up inside their fridge after two days of a live duck being trapped in there. I guess they never heard of salmonella or other delectable things like that. Well, whatever it was they had in mind, it led to a reprieve for the duck. They wound up bringing it to a wildlife sanctuary where it was treated and reported to have a good chance at survival.

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Anonymous said...

... game should always be gutted first... good Lord, what were they thinking?....