Thursday, November 9, 2006

Ballseye's Boomers: Remington 241 Speedmaster

This little rifle may not look like much when you see this picture; but let me tell you it is GREAT. First of all I got it at a song of a price via an auction on I may have even given the 'buy it now' price instead of bidding, I cannot recall, but whatever I paid I do remember it was well below book value. Of course, that had me a bit concerned because you often get just for what you paid. In this case though I spent less than I should have for such a fine piece of Remington quality.

It is basically a semi-automatic rifle in .22LR caliber. It is fed by a tubular magazine. The magazine tube runs from inside the butt stock forward to wherever. It opens in an indent in the buttstock and the mag spring pulls out for loading. There is a loading port in the right side of the stock. The sights are a v notch rear and fixed post front. The 241 is somewhat unusual in that if ejects from the bottom of the receiver. The first time I shot it, I had a number of small scratches and burns where shell casings hit my wrist, so I quickly learned how to hold it so that would not happen again. Then again I am forgetful so it happens again now and then. No big deal but it takes some getting used to. The bolt operating handle is also at the bottom of the receiver.

The 241 is also a takedown rifle. I have always wanted a takedown rifle, I don't know exactly why, maybe because of something I once saw in some movie about a hired assassin, and I thought it was neat. I can say now, without a doubt, takedown rifles are neat, and I mean that literally. They break down into two pieces and store neatly and easily in smaller than usual gun cases. This makes them very unobtrusive, a nice feature for a rifle.

It is a pretty good plinker, and would probably be good for squirrels or rabbits. I may take it afield this weekend when I go to scout out some deer sign in upstate NY hunting grounds. Who knows, I may get lucky and bag some dinner in the for of a bushytail or three.

All the best,
Glenn B


Anonymous said...

My Father purchased the 241 new back in 49, I was allowed to use it when I was a child and now have possession of it and will pass it on to my son.
Now in my older days I'd like to mount a scope on it as my eye sight isn't quite so good, but I was able to hit the target easily when I was younger.
GW Brooks

Anonymous said...

My father gave me a Remington 241 speedmaster about a year before he passed away. I use it for varmints and just playing around the farm. I recently lost the magazine feeder rod (not sure of exact name). Do you happen to know where I can find a replacement? Also, do you know the value of these rifles? Mine is in really good condition. I had no idea that Remington stopped production of them in 1949, learned that from their website.
Any help is appreciated.

Glenn Bartley said...

Try Numrich Gun parts at:
for the parts. They have parts for lots of divfferent guns.

As for the value, I don't know. I rely heavily on gun value books for that info and am away from home right now and do not have access to any of them here.

All the best,

Hayvern said...

My Grandfather gave my father, who then gave me a model 241. Mine is a 22 Short, I would love to have a Long to go with it to make it a matched set so to speak.

Mine needs some work, my father used to talk about how he had to build parts for it to make it work through the years and it is a little loose where the two sections are put together.

I have never seen it fired and never have fired it myself. Someday, I guess I would like to restore it, I know that is what my father always wanted to do.