Thursday, October 26, 2006

With terrorists banging at our doors, do we need...

guys who are guilty of the things with whcih this one has been charged?" I am referring to the government official who allegedly handed out phony citizenships to people who paid him to do so. According to this article: Prosecutor: Boss Gave at Least 60 Phony Citizenships at This guy apprently worked for the Immigration service, and sold citizenships. I don't know exactly how he did that since the Department of State confers citizenship onto people, but he did it, and it is claimed tyat he lived large on the proceeds.

If he is found guilty, and I believe he should have his day in court just like anyone else, but if he is found guilty, I believe he should receive the maximum penaly allowable by law, then maybe double if he did any of this that allowed one terrorist to enter this country. As a matter of fact, I believe that since we are at war, if he did such while we were at war, he should go to prison for life, but that is just my personal feeling. Of course maybe that is a bit biased because I work for Immigration and Customs Enforcement, but what can I say it gets me pissed off that stuff like this happens. Selling out loyalty to your nation for a few bucks is despicable as I see it.

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Glenn B

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Draven said...

If he allowed any terrorist to enter the country, and said terrorist is caught setting up for an attack, he should be charged as an accessory.