Wednesday, September 6, 2006

There Really Are Monsters Among Us...

Just before Brendan and I left on the Bear Hunting trip, I remember hearing a blurb on the news about some young lady who had escaped from a kidnapper after being held for a number of years. I thought at the time this took place in Australia, but I found out it really had been in Austria. When I returned from our hunt, I checked out the news and saw the articles about Natascha Kampusch, who was kidnapped about 8 1/2 years ago at age 10, and then given up for dead.

Imagine that, being kidnapped as a 10 year old child. Imagine being held captive for most of that time in a small cell below a garage. Imagine the fear, then the terror, the isolation, the hopelessness of her situation. Imagine enduring as did she, being the captive of someone, someone whom I believe must have been a monster, for 8 1/2 years. Then think about it time wise, because 8 1/2 years while long, does not say it right: it was about 3,102.5 days, or 74,460 hours. Imagine the slow passage of each of the 4,467,600 minutes, or the interminable ticking of each of the 268,056,000 seconds as they dragged on. It is only my guess, but I guess she was at the mercy of a twisted, deranged, criminal who was in my mind probably a pedophile - for all that time; and I would bet that much of it seemed like an eternity.

Imagine the thoughts that went through her head, imagine living with those thoughts since you were 10 years old, up until you were 18 years old. One of those thoughts has been reported as being: "I was very distraught and very angry... from @ . I'll bet she was; and that anger built up over all those years. I'll not go into the details of her other statements, but from some of them it is apparent she has suffered severe mental trauma at the hands of this, in my opinion, beast.

In that sense, it is sad that monsters of almost all sorts fear the light of day. Just as all sorts of imaginary monsters hide in the shadows, so to do the real life monsters like pedophiles, kidnappers, and the like. The guy who allegedly kidnapped the child, now a lady, in question went out and committed suicide just hours after she had escaped from him. It seems he was too fearful that the light of justice was about to shine upon him, the light reflected off of the sword that justice wields. That sword would have undoubtedly torn apart the curtains behind which this fiend had his dirty secrets hidden away, and would have exposed them and him for all to see.

Why did I say it is it sad, you may wonder that he feared the light of day? It is sad because now much of the truth will never be revealed because he quite possibly was too afraid to be exposed for what he must have been. Sure a lot of it will come to light through the accounts given by the young lady, the survivor of this alleged horrible atrocity; but only what she can bring herself to tell us about. I think we would have learned more from the man who was her captor.

You may also wonder why we need to learn as much about this as we can. Well, let me be very blunt - so that we do not remain indifferent because of our ignorance or because of our not wanting to see. Anything we can learn about evildoers who kidnap, torture, molest or otherwise harm children should be brought to the light of day for all to see if only so we know what to look for to prevent such from happening again.

When you see a child being badly handled by a supposed parent, and the child seems terrified, why not stop and question the supposed parent? If you are too afraid to question them, then why not call 911. If you see someone pull a screaming child into a car, write down the license number and description of the car, the child and the possible abductor, then call the police. If you see things of any nature, out of the ordinary, that appear to be possibly criminal - why not call 911. When you hear that the police in your town have been forbidden to engage in high speed pursuits, think about this case because this girl was abducted and thrown into a van while the bad guy made his getaway with her. What would have happened had the police seen him go through a red light in your town? Would they have been allowed to pursue him. make sure to give politicians a wake up call when they enact ridiculous restrictions on law enforcement in the course of their duties.

We have to wake up and realize, if we do not do such things, then they will continue pretty much unabated except for the few the police can thwart. There are an awful lot of monsters out there, real nasty, vile, dirty minded monsters who want to hurt our children, and hurt us - why not do all you can to help put an end to it.

Go to the link above, and read the article. Then read the other linked articles on that news site. Then go out and do something even if only writing a letter you your local politico to see what he or she is doing to prevent such things in your neck of the woods. These are our children folks, and there really are monsters out to get them.

As for this particular young lady; hopefully the press will not hound her. Hopefully she will seek out and receive therapy that will be effective. Hopefully she will blossom into a young woman who has the traits of compassion, tranquility, inner peace, and forgiveness. Not forgiveness for her captor but for those whom she probably at one time believed abandoned her, and most of all for herself. I say this last because she is likely at some level to blame herself for what happened even though it was not her fault at all. Nothing that happened in those 8 1/2 years was her fault, not one little thing. The only one at fault, as I see it, was a monster; and now that monster is dead.

Be safe,
Glenn B


Anonymous said...

some guy tortured a girl for 8 and a half years, you go out and shoot bears and give them even less chance. i dont see much of a difference, 'There Really Are Monsters Among Us' and you're one of them

Glenn Bartley said...

Yes and we ate the bear too, and used its hide as a rug. It was absolutely delicious. We did not murder anyone, nor violate any law, nor torture anyone, nor sexually abuse anyone. We had our licenses. The bear was killed with one killing shot. We did a natural thing as omnivores, we secured flesh for the eating. We did this ethically and legally too.

We have no qualms with that, and neither does the great majority of the people in the world. Can you imagine that? No, of course you cannot, your mind is too apparently too small as exhibited by your twisting together of two totally different subjects that have virtually no relationship.

As a matter of fact, we take great pride in the fact that our money for hunting licenses, and all of the money we spent of hunting gear excise taxes, went to wildlife conservation. We also take great pride in the fact that our money supports hunting and firearms ownership, and helped the economy of Maine.

We will continue to legally hunt and fish as we please. We will continue to eat meat and fish and fowl. We will continue to enjoy our nature and the fruits of it. I will continue to oppose murder and torture and sexual abuse of little children.

My guess is you have no clue about hunting, but rather believe the hype spewed out by, in my opinion, hypocritical groups like PETA. You have no idea of what constitutes a monster, and what constitutes a man who is anything but monstrous. It is a shame that people like you don't know the difference, and I would bet you support unrestricted abortion, that you oppose the death penalty even for child rapists and child killers, and that in some way shape or form you understand what drives a pedophile and you sympathize with them. In my opinion, you believe the hype and ignore the truth.

Maybe you should tag along on a hunting trip someday; you might learn something about responsibility, about camaraderie, about wildlife, about nature, about conservation, about ethics, about life in general, and about human nature. At the very least you would actually know something about the subject you condemn based upon your actual experience.

All the best,
Glenn B

Glenn Bartley said...

By the way, why not sign your name next time, or are you afraid that the boogey man might come and hide under your bed if you do? It is typical of people who leave comments like your to do so annonymously until challenged to leave their names. Then after the challenge they usually leave a psuedonym. Just the typical whimpish manner of the hypocrite from what I can tell.

Glenn Bartley said...

Hey Nameless,

Before I forget to take this opportunity, here is an offer to you my annonymous detractor:

Anytime you want to tag along on a legal hunt on which I am planning to go, you may do so. Of course you must follow all legal regulations for the hunt, and as apply to wildlife, and the like, and pay your own way. You do not have to hunt, just observe. Why not come along and learn something. Then you can blast hunters all you like based upon your experience witht he truth, or maybe based upon the truth you will change your tune. Of course, my guess is that you would sing a different tune once you experience the a real hunt carried out by legal, responsible and ethical hunters. Then again my guess is you would never agree to be open minded enough to accept such a learning experience about a legal activity.

If you do accept though, I'll be deer hunting again this fall. The invite is good then.

All the best,
Glenn B