Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Do You Remember When Bush Went Into Iraq Because of WMD's...

...or at least because of WMDs that the Intelligence Community told him were most certainly there; then we found none. Think back somewhat further than that, think back about 6 to 9 months before we invaded Iraq. Do you remember what was going on.

We (the USA) kept blabbing about an imminent invasion of Iraq by our forces. For months after the lips of our politicians and military leaders started flapping, there were nightly runs of military type vehicles and tractor trailers out of Iraq that went into another country along its border. It was like a parade or a mass exodus of large vehicles normally used to transport large loads.

It was suspected that Saddam Hussein might have been moving WMDs out of his country so that none would be found there if the US did invade. This went on for months - every night. It has been well documented, there were videos and photographs of it all over the news back then and a lot of speculation among the mud slinging media types as to what was in all those vehicles. Some were later found in Iraq still loaded with U.S. Currency but even Saddam Hussein did not have enough cash to load down even miniscule amount of the trucks that went across the border out of Iraq on those nightly runs.

Currently, on the possible eve of a U.S. military strike against Syria, we hear what many think is baseless bravado coming out of the mouth of its embattled leader President Assad, or at least out of the mouth of one of his ministers, who said that if Syria is attacked, it will defend itself in ways that will surprise the world (source).

Now pause. Take a look at a map of Iraq and guess into which country it was that all those trucks from Iraq crossed back when our government was telegraphing the invasion of Iraq. Not sure, can't guess, let me give you a hint - it was the country on the map that borders the northwest part of Iraq. So no, it was not Turkey, and not Iran, and not Kuwait, and not Saudi Arabia, and not Jordan and no it was not Saudi Arabia, and no it was not Jordan. It was the only other country shown on the map that borders Iraq.

Let's hope those trucks did not contain WMDs at all but if they did contain them and if they are equally or even possibly more lethal than the chemicals Assad already has unleashed within his own country, let's hope Assad does not use them against us, our allies or his own people in retaliation if we attack Syria. The thing is though, that hope would probably do us little good if he really has them. He has already shown his willingness to deploy them and to kill with them regardless of what may come his way. God forbid he has worse than that which he has already used to wreck havoc. If he has them, and if he uses them in response to an attack by the U.S., it may be one of the worst catastrophes in history. I would sure hate to see GWB proven right, on this one, in that manner of proof.

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Glenn B

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Humble wife said...

Yep. I have written about this before. Syria gladly took what Saddam sent and like Saddam used the WMD on their own people.

GW was proven correct by the events of the past weeks and I pray we do not face a chemical attack here.