Wednesday, August 28, 2013

I Used To Work For ICE / DHS...

...and if you have ever wondered why it is that I hold that department and that branch of it in contempt at times, well it is because of shit like this that goes on therein and that is often given the blind eye. See:

You might think that an isolated sort of a thing and it may well be isolated in as much as an employee of ICE, on his own website, was reportedly advocating a race war to kill European Americans (fuck that white or Caucasian crap, if blacks are African Americans then whites are either Asian or European Americans depending on their families' origins). The thing about DHS and ICE in particular is that they have, in my estimation, repeatedly gone out of their way to violate the rights of illegal immigrants, legal immigrants and U.S. Citizens. This, in my mind is merely another example of the same by one of their employees. You will note, in the article, it indicates that this is not the first instance of the employee's behavior being called into question. Another, former ICE employee, reported stated that he and other ICE employee feared the guy would come to work one day and "go postal".  Yet somehow, the guy is still employed by ICE and the president keep gearing ICE and DHS up to become agency and department that he spoke about when he pledged to create a civilian force as strong as the military. One has to wonder, is this the kind of guy Obama was hoping to recruit such a force. To me it seems like the guy fits right in with what I am beginning to believe are Obama's plans to destroy America.

Right about now, maybe you should be thinking of the motto of the Boy Scouts of America: Be Prepared. After all, it sure seems like the whackos are preparing themselves and it does not bode well for the rest of us if they wind up better prepared, than us, for what yet may come.

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Glenn B

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