Tuesday, April 2, 2024

I Ordered A Pair...

 ...of eclipse glasses at about $38.00 including shipping. They are plastic framed not paper framed. The thing is all the paper ones I could find still available were almost just as expensive (some were more) with shipping and some said the earliest delivery date was April 11th, a lot of good that would not do. Mine are supposedly being shipped with one day delivery via FedEx and the vendor said I still had three days and many hours left to order and get them on time. I hate FedEx but what is a guy gonna do.
Anyway, now that I paid for them, with my luck, it will pour out on April 8th in Texarkana and I will have bought this glasses for naught. I hope though that the hard to come by kind of luck, that being good luck, will be with me (and with everyone who wants to watch) that day and I get to see it. Of course, if not for bad luck, I'd have almost no luck at all but one can hope. 
I know, I saw a solar eclipse once, at least a partial, but don't recall when, probably when I was a kid or a teen or maybe even in my young twenties, so I'd really like to see this total eclipse. I had been planning on not watching but for some reason unknown to me the bug bit me early this morning and I decided - why not watch it - my guess is I will not get another chance in my lifetime to see another one.
Edited to add: So does the weatherman predict good weather in Texarkana on the 8th?
I guess I should have checked the weather first. The forecast for Texarkana on the 8th is some sun in the morning and increasing cloudiness in the after noon. Rats!

All the best,
Glenn B

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