Monday, September 26, 2022

What is McDonald's Feeding Us?

I was left wondering what McDonald's puts in its quarter pounders with cheese after reading what is on the bottom of the containers for them:

 All the best, 
Glenn B


riverrider said...

cellulose, in the form of fine sawdust. this after they quit using pink slime, a form of meat deboned by chemicals.

Glenn B said...

Ah, you missed my point. I was wondering what they put in them because it says "Made with 37% post consumer recycled content". Now while I am pretty sure when they said that - they meant the box not the burger. Now, if they meant the burger, I am left wondering if it's made from 37% feces! After all what is post consumer content but what is passed out of someone's butt. You consume and you poop - at least the solid stuff.

riverrider said...

lol, point made! sometimes i read something like this and wonder where they went to grade school. one would think that in these times they would be more careful of their words and syntax.