Monday, September 26, 2022

I Think This Might Have Been One Time...

 ...when I would have kept my mouth shut and just would been happy to have made a find like the once a couple of folks made in storage boxes they bought at auction - a dozen fully auto rifles - supposedly M16s!!! More at the source
It just absolutely goes to show: No good deed goes unpunished. I mean, damn that was one heck of a find to voluntarily report to the G. Then what does the government do but get a warrant to raid their place to look for more of them and to look for any evidence they might find of any wrong doing. All they probably had to do was ask to be allowed to search the other containers but no they had to get a warrant when they (the folks who found them) seemingly had done the right thing.
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danielbarger said...

That's a tough call. Turn the things in and get assraped by the Feds looking for more pseudocrimes to use to lock you up or keep your mouth shut, knowing that if they do find out you have them you're looking at ten years in slam me in the ass federal prison....for EACH rifle.