Thursday, March 3, 2022

Some Thoughts I Have Pondered About WWIII

I think, but hope I am wrong, that the longer it takes for Russia to defeat the Ukraine the more likely it is that this war will erupt into WWIII. I think that because I believe:

1. Putin is psychotic

2. As each day of this war goes by, Putin becomes more and more frustrated in his thinking because it seems less and less likely that his plans to conquer the Balkan states will succeed.

3. As Putin becomes more and more frustrated he puts into action more outrageous plans about conquering old parts of the USSR, and voices more threats to NATO and any countries that might align with NATO or actually join NATO.

4. He has become so frustrated as to threaten those who aid Ukraine with nuclear retaliation.

5. Putin Is Psychotic.

6. Sooner or later, if the war continues long enough and the atrocities and war crimes continue, while Russians at home continue to protest, Putin will totally lose any sense of rational thought.

7. Putin will resort to attacking another nation such as Moldova.

8. Putin is psychotic.

9. Putin will, if the Ukraine continues to successfully resist a takeover, eventually use nuclear weapons there.

10. World War III will erupt and it will essentially be the end of most all of us if other nations fire off their nukes aimed at Russia because then Iran, Pakistan, & China, among others, will join the fray against the rest of the world.

11. Of course Sleepy, demented, dementia suffering, idiot, bumbling fool, slow to act, totally inept demoncrat Joe Biden will either order a full scale nuclear response or will surrender. Surrendering will not help us because, and maybe I mentioned this already, Putin is a frustrated psychotic who is frustrated by Russia's inability to defeat the Ukraine quickly.

12. Putin is much akin to Adolf Hitler who was also psychotic (okay just plain crazy if you'd rather say it that way) but Putin is much more dangerous because he has something Hitler did not - nuclear weapons and a lot of them.

13. Should the Ukraine eventually be defeated by Russia, Putin will continue to invade other countries and sooner or later the west will actually defend one of them and WWIII will be upon us.

I most definitely hope I am wrong about things leading to WWIII should the Ukraine not fall soon enough to suit Putin. (Do not get me wrong, I  am not hoping for a Russian win - I hope they kick Russia's arse but that is doubtful without real help from other nations and when I say 'real help' I do not mean sanctions. Things look dismal to me for a bright and sunny future although, for a short while as the nukes go off, it may be suddenly brighter than any of us ever have seen before.

All the best, 
Glenn B


Blufield said...

Well if Putin is psychotic, no problem since Biden is also..

riverrider said...

i agree that the longer it goes on the closer we get to ww3, but not for those reasons. putin planned a two phased attack, an initial slow roll to test if ukrainians would indeed rise up to welcome him coming to save them from the western installed puppet regime they are under, and failing that full on steamroller. he planned on 15 days. he's on schedule. keep in mind we are getting "news" from the same people that lied about covid et al. putin is the last anti-globalists leader in the world, the wef want him gone and are using ukraine and us to do it. yes the longer this goes on the more the media/new world order machine will be able to talk us into intervening and then putin will nuke us in self defense. the war mongers are screaming "war crimes" like they did about assad in syria knowing full well we droned an innocent man and his 9 kids in afghanistan. we are being played, led into nuclear war to cover slojoe and keep power. god help us.

Glenn B said...
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Unknown said...

Hi. Glenn I met you a few years ago at you sister's for Christmas you might remember me and David being there. I have read your posts with interest since then. The recent developments have me very concerned. If you have time perhapsd you could give me a call to discuss planning going forward in personal safety for me and the family.

Glenn B said...

An anonymous poster claiming that he or she has met me left a comment here asking for some advice, before I answer please go to my profile and hit the contact link to send me an email telling me who are you. I am at a loss. Thanks.