Saturday, September 11, 2021

Down But Not Out

Damn, I had a stroke today. First a nurse practicioner said it was 3 small emboli (I think that was the term) then the doctor said it was a small stroke. That after about 8 or 8 1/2 hours in the ER, at least a few sitting forgotten in the waiting room.

Had trouble using my right arm today, it felt heavy and clumsy. Then, when driving my hand kept slipping off the steering wheel because my upper arm lost any control. Got home and it got better. Did not think much of it. Ate lunch and had a shot for 9/11. Maybe half an hour or 45 minutes later the arm acted up again. Took my blood pressure, it was 74/50, yikes, I called my doc. Doc on call told me to go to ER.

Put dishes in kitchen and noticed my right foot was not stepping as much as dragging along the floor. I figured it for what it was. Walked the dog a very short walk for a pisser and the foot got better. Drove toward the hospital. On the way, I had to stop at a red light. Light turned green, cars in front of me went but foot was not cooprating with the gas pedal. Guy behind me in a white pick up.or SUV starts honking like crazy then drives into my rear bumper, evidently on.purpose. It maybe was fortunate for that piece of shit that I had left my pistols home.

I then pulled over and called 911 both to report a hit and run accident and that I needed help to get to hospital for a possible heart attack or stroke. Fire department showed up first followed by an ambulance and the police in that order. While Inwas put into the ambulance, a cop asked me where I wanted my car towed and I said to my apartment. They took my keys and moved it and said they sent for a tow truck and gave my keys back to me. Jumping ahead on that a bit, I called the PD a few hours later, they had no record of my vehicle. Wonderful.

Then at hospital where it has been a waitning game. Probably got here around 3PM or just before. They have drawn my blood, taken chest x-rays, done an EKG, then a CT Scan if my brain without contrast, then an MRI, then put an IV in my arm to do another CT Scan this time with contrast. The nurse practicioner came in and told me about the emboli (?), then the doc came in and said it was not that but a small stroke and he took my medical history. My very pretty nurse has been in and out several times, last time shebtold me I was crazy, she knows me well already. She also hooked me up to an EKG monitor. Back to waiting, no one has been here for a while.

Luckily, my only friend in these parts came to the ER to get my apartment key to get in and get Skye out for a walk. She is a very good friend, one of the best ever.

I expect to be admitted and to be here two or three days. That reminds me, the admitting department told me earlier, my Medicare part A has been suspended for some reason, so I have no coverage for the hospital stay.

What a day.

All the best,

Glenn B


Thomas said...

So sorry to hear! Glad you're mostly ok and in a place where you are being taken care of.
Will pray for your quick recovery and well-being.

retired wrench said...

Hi Glenn. Sorry to hear about your stroke. Please take care of yourself,hope your son can help out if needed.I check your site often keep us posted on how your doing. Allan

B said...

Hope yer doing well....or at least better.

Update us when you can.

CapnBob said...

God speed, Glenn. Damsel and I are praying for your full recovery.