Monday, July 19, 2021

Now, I Don't Wish Them Dead But...

 ...these lame arsed politician democrat ultra liberal fuckers, from Texas, who came down with Covid-19, I think, deserve to have gotten it. (More at the source.) These are the same scum who screamed that we all need to wear masks and get the vaccine and thus they apparently knew better and yet they violated  airline protocol and flew mask-less and now several of them have come down with it.  
Who deserves it more than them except maybe for the Red Chinese commies who created it and unleashed it on the world? Add to that, the vice president Kamala Harris has been to the hospital, for a supposed routine exam (my arse) right after meeting with the same group. That presents one with the thought that maybe she caught it too and maybe she deserves it as much as did the others for being idiotic enough to have met with them. (More at the source.)

All the best,
Glenn B


riverrider said...

they will give them ivermectin or hcq b/c they're not conservatives. they flew charter, paid for by a lobbyist. one seat had a couple cases of beer strapped into it. this type of thing occurred just before the war of northern aggression. this morning lindsey graham is floating the idea of gop senators leaving d/cto prevent a dim bill from passing in response.

Howard Brewi said...

I understand grade school kids found ways to create false positives to COVID tests to extend their vacation time. Since the Texas Democrats left to avoid a quorum for a vote on the election bill, could they have created false positives to avoid a quorum on the special session?