Wednesday, April 28, 2021

No Matter The Excuse They Give Later - They Are Ball-Less...

 ...pieces of shit, in my opinion, to have left a fellow officer, alive or dead, inside with the assailant for as long as it's been (this reportedly commenced at 0944 and it's now 2220 hours - many hours after this started). They should be ashamed of themselves and if the officer who is trapped inside lives - I hope that officer never let's them live it down. See:

That is all I will say and no one nor any excuse from the police will change my mind.

All the best,
Glenn B


riverrider said...

i must have missed something in the translation. they left him in there? while the perp was still shooting? ain't that what swat was made for, hostile entry? dag, add another reason i'm not a cop anymore to the list, no backup.

Glenn B said...

The article has been edited greatly since I posted the link but of the fact that a wounded deputy - Logan Fox - was left inside there is no doubt from even the edited report, and I quote (I added the bold face):

"In a previous update at 9 p.m., the sheriff's department said Ward had been airlifted to the hospital and succumbed to his injuries, but Fox was still inside the home at that time as an armed person continued to "periodically" fire at police who have surrounded the building and evacuated the neighborhood." Note, the standoff began at abut 9:44AM and as per the update from police and the update was given at 9PM. That was almost 12 hours later. So, Deputy Fox was shot and remained inside the residence for almost half a day without other officers coming to his possible rescue. Deputy Fox was left there while, in my opinion, the other officers sniveled like cowards in safety outside while Officer Fox might have been lying there alive and maybe was hoping for the rescue that he was sure to come in the form of brother and sister officers storming the house. Of course, he well could have passed immediately but then how would the officers outside know for sure.

If the article is correct and Deputy Fox was in there that long and if no all out rescue attempt was made and if it is later determined that Deputy Fox was alive for some time after being shot, I think every one of those so called law enforcers should resign in ignoble shame or maybe even be prosecuted if there is an applicable charge for dereliction of duty. Even if Deputy Fox died instantly, I believe the other deputies/officers should hang their heads in abject shame for not having assumed that the deputy possibly was still alive and then for not making an all out rescue effort or even several attempts, long before 12 hours had passed, if the first and subsequent ones had failed.

RIP K-9 Deputy Logan Fox and Sgt. Chris Ward.