Wednesday, February 17, 2021

RIP El Rushbo

 He will be missed, not just by me of course but by tens of millions of Americans if not b y all Americans. He was one of the most articulate people I have ever heard speak about being an American (as in being a U.S. Citizen or an alien who legally immigrated her with the intent of becoming a citizen). He was my kind of American, he truly lovedthis country.

I should not be in shock over his passing, we all knew it was imminent. I said to my son a week or two ago that I feared his passing was at very close hand because last I heard him on his show he was evidently in distress from talking. Then he was absent for about 3 or more weeks with only guests hosts doing the show. We all must die but it was a loss that I wish we did not need to suffer now at this critical point in our nation's history. 

I will miss him. RIP Rush - a mega dittos RIP at that.

All the best,
Glenn B


Old NFO said...

He will be missed. He was the voice of reason. May he rest in peace, no longer in pain.

commoncents said...

Bo Snerdley, Rush Limbaugh's Longtime Producer, Gives Heartbreaking Final Tribute - VIDEO

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