Friday, January 29, 2021

Cuomo Should Be Prosecuted

I hope they hang him for the nursing home deaths. I mean that  figuratively of course; although, if legal then maybe literally even though I know it will not happen. I think he is a fiendish criminal.

Can you imagine the outcry if President Trump somehow had ordered Covid-19 patients into nursing homes and then just the initially reported deaths had occurred! That would have resulted in impeachment number 2.

Cuomo amounts to less than a piece of shit in my estimation! What balls to now say everyone did their best when he was seemingly responsible for so many deaths; yet, people keep voting for candidates like him. 

All the best,

Glenn B


joetote said...

My gut say that unfortunately the NY AG has been sent her date for Hillarycide (or is it Cuomocide in NY?0

Old NFO said...

He'll never be touched... sigh