Friday, January 22, 2021

Biden In Since The 20th And...

 ...over the course of two days, I lost several hundred dollars in the stock market. That is disappointing but not surprising though since two of my stocks are in oil companies. Regardless, I fear it's an omen of things to come. Of course, I as are you, am losing money when it comes to filling up the gas tank too. First time in quite the while I have seen gas almost everywhere over $2.00 per gallon and it is well over hereabouts. Sam's Club though had regular for 1.95 ($1.949) today when I filled up there. Fuck Biden and the camel toe he rode in on!

All the best,
Glenn B


mitchrodee said...

You know we’re in the midst of a bubble that many economists are expecting to burst soon, right? I guess you haven’t been paying attention. It’s expected to happen even if Trump got re-elected.

Old NFO said...

Yep, hello $5 gas... sigh

Navyvet said...

I am wondering if gas stocks will take off as gas starts heading to $5/gal.....$8/gal in Kookafornia.

mitchrodee said...

Glenn B said...


Is what you are saying that gas prices rising are a foretelling of worse times to come? Is that what caused gas prices to jump toward the sky? Do you mean that Biden shutting down the promise of about 10 thousand or more, jobs on the pipeline, had nothing to do with the rise in prices at the pump! Is that it? Sure the economy is going to implode or explode, look at all the money Obama spent, then Trump and now at what Biden will spend. The thing is Biden will not only keep spending ridiculous amounts, probably increased amounts at that, to help destroy the economy, he will also put an end to any good Trump accomplished in creating many jobs and the promise of more; his policies created more jobs than any president in a long long time. Biden started shutting down jobs on day one by shutting down the pipeline deal.

The government spending has to stop but the policies of destroying our economy by stopping things that otherwise would have boosted it need to end as well. Trump tried to do that and created an economy with the most employment is a long time. Biden is doing exactly the opposite. It will stop though, my guess is within a year or three at most and we will plunge into a worldwide depression (if WWIII or a revolution does not hit us first). Of course, in about 6 months at most, the left will say - 'Okay we can Biden they figure Biden will look great once the leftist governors open their states for business again. Ain't gonna work, too much money that was not there has been spent in stimulus programs a in doling it out to foreign nations (another thing Biden has increased already) and people have been out of work too long that many businesses have gone belly up. We are fucked but rest assured the left will try to make it look as if social programs will save us as they implement socialist polices. Did I mention - we are fucked. Of course, could be something will happen other than WWIII or another great depression to stop them in their tracks, a whole hearted insurrection almost happened already started by the right and several are ongoing still that were started by the left. Soon that may explode in a real fighting war - a civil war.

Now, I have to ask, what on earth makes you tell me that you guess I have not been paying attention? Is it because I berated Joe Biden because I believe he is at least in great part to blame for current gas prices rising and the market tanking as I think the left had hoped (let's face it - leftists hate capitalism). Truth be told, I have paid attention, probably in great part to me living through most of the Cold War. Because I saw/see the problems, I have been getting ready as best I can. Since I moved out of NY, stopped over in AR and then relocated to TX, I again have been preparing and stocking up for bad times. It is the way I was raised.

Yesterday, early in the day, I felt that it might be an excellent time for me to sell my meager stock holdings. I sold them early in the day before the market tanked. I only got back into it in November, and in about 2 months or so I earned a 20%+ profit. It might go up on Monday and the stocks I sold might do better but I am satisfied with what I got. Of course, if I feel the bug just right, I may invest and by all my stocks back at now lower prices except for one penny stock which went up a tiny bit yesterday (and I made money on that one).

All the best,