Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Was In Bed Snoozing...

 ...and woke up about an hour ago to take a whizz. Then I made the mistake of turning on the laptop, I looked at Fox News election results, I saw there was no winner yet and after about an hour of reading this and that about the election I am going back to bed. If Trump is not the winner, I will gnash my teeth tomorrow. Right now though, it looks as if he is on his way to win but too many votes still outstanding in WI, PA, NC & GA to tell. I am too tired to stay up for this, I'm getting to old I suppose but still voting Right.

Damn, did Trump really lose AZ??? That amazes me. Anyway, that's it for me for now.

All the best & goodnight,


Thomas said...

My wife and I went to bible study last night, then came home and didn't turn on the tv (around 9pm). I did have to look at the internet before bedtime, 1x during the night when I woke up and then again at 5am when I got up normally.

Glad that I/we didn't stay up all night glued to the tv, getting worked up over something we can no longer affect.

Glenn B said...

I have no TV to stay glued to! I have a television but only watch shows on Netflix and Amazon Prime - no cable to watch regular TV. Anyway, I was much like you, woke up a couple of times to hit the head and then checked the Internet to see if there was a winner. probably do the same tonight the way it seems as the remaining states all very slow to tally their votes.