Thursday, June 11, 2020

It Is Nothing Short Of An Insurrection...

...and the police are not doing squat to stop in, in fact it seems they have facilitated it in places like Minneapolis and Seattle. Is it time for the Federal government to step in with troops. I think so, in fact I thought it was time back on June 3rd and it's now the 11th. The time is way overdo. This may be the long awaited revolution but not the one I have been awaiting. I have always sort of suspected it would come from and be caused by leftists who wanted to destroy our rights & liberties, the nation and our Constitution instead of RKBA types protecting our rights, liberties freedoms, the country and the foundation on which it is built. Well, here it is today for the entire world to see and before it gets into full fledged nationwide violent revolution with more so called autonomous zones established (maybe even around the White House and Capital Building) maybe it is high time that the President of The United States of America take control and crush the usurpers or at at least give them a good proverbial spanking and retake America from this leftist scum. Give them an inch they will take a mile and they have shown that is what they will do by having done it. Give them two inches they may try to take 2,789 miles - the driving distance between NYC and LA - or in other words the entire country from coast to coast. You say you doubt it - think about three months ago - would you ever have thought of insurgents forcing police out of police stations and shutting down whole neighborhoods and then taking control of them! If you are being honest with yourself, you never imagined it just like you refuse to imagine now this getting much worse but I see that as exactly what will happen - it will get much worse if the powers that be do not act decisively now with whatever amount of force is deemed justifiably necessary. 

All the best,
Glenn B

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