Monday, June 29, 2020

Invested In A Bit More Copper, Lead and Brass

Yesterday, or maybe it was Saturday night, the ammo buying bug crawled up my ass and bit me so hard I bought a case of 5.56 NATO from an online dealer. It was going for the lowest price I could find and let me just say that it was not cheap let alone even close to what ammo was selling for six months ago before the Rona V scare, before the ammo and firearms buying frenzy (including an unprecedented number of libturds buying guns and ammo) and prior to the whole what the fuck is going on in America with this leftist quasi-revolution thing! No it was not inexpensive, in fact it was damned costly - much more than I would normally want to have paid but I paid the price anyway. Why did I do that - because I look at it as an investment should things get even worse.

So, how can they get worse, at least as I see it. Well, the Rona V could just keep on keeping on and killing folks. Hopefully it will die off but if not maybe they will come up with a vaccine that works (as opposed to anything they want to sell for two grand a dose and that remains unproven) but then again maybe not. Maybe a vaccine is not in the cards, so to speak. How else could it get worse? Well, to me it seems that the government is not addressing the ongoing revolution as it should be doing, in fact the federal government is mostly ignoring it. It is worse than that though because while some states also seem to be ignoring it, other states, counties, cities seem to be embracing and facilitating it. If that keeps going the way it has been going, there soon may be a take over of at least one or three governments on the city, county or state level - or maybe several states being taken over since libturds already run them. That could lead to others or even to a true civil war and revolution against the current administration - an administration which has done virtually nothing to put an nd to the ongoing shit that may lead to a nationwide insurrection. Go ahead, call me nuts or a worry wart but I for one would never have thought possible, six months ago, what is going on today. The nation is in upheaval and President Trump (and almost every other politician) fiddles as the nation burns. But wait, there is one thing that could be worse. What could be worse than all that, you ask. Biden could win the presidency in November, bring in a nut job worse than even him as his VP, have an artery burst in his brain six months later and we'd be stuck with the worst and most liberal-leftist president of all time - and that likely stands for whomever he picks as his running mate. Even if he lives full term for four years, imagine him as president. We'd be doomed.

So, buying a little extra now, at the current inflated prices, is me taking a gamble that what can go wrong will go wrong. Even though I'd be out more bucks than I should have spent, I'll be quite happy though if it is my bet that is wrong about things going wrong.

All the best,
Glenn B


Thomas said...

I'm with you that your purchase was a good move, even at the higher prices.

A lot of things could happen like the election as you talk about. I think the overall sense of just *anything* could happen is getting worse. Most of us talk about being on your own if this or that happens, but seriously things are getting more out of control and weirder, at an accelerating rate. Did anyone think it would get to the point where a couple of uber-liberal Biden & BLM-loving lawyers in St Louis would be picking up arms and repelling boarders on their doorstep? What do next week and next month have in store for us? Whatever it is, it will probably top this...
So thumbs up on having that extra case of ammo.

I am working with several families/couples to get them equipped and with some training. For the ones who are just now scrambling to to acquire a firearm and any ammo though, it's tough. I can look around the online places and find some ammo, but not black rifles hardly. If you know anyone REALLY desperate to have a black rifle, Brownell's still has some of those retro ARs they sell, if you don't mind having the 1959 version of an AR. Outside of that, they only seem to have the $3000 and up black rifles.

riverrider said...

worry wart....the rona is the flu, get over it. hcq cocktail kills/prevents it. even fauci said so in 2005. the jungle fever is only in liberal shitholes, let them burn. when they try to expand they get hammered. the media plays all this up to keep sheeple in a panic so they won't see the wolf. trump has no authority to intervene until asked by the govna's, thing called the constitution prevents him from moving, plus it would only set him up for another media disinformation campaign. the onus is on mayors/govnas and despite the media coverage these things have been relatively small and easily contained if they wanted to do so. the defund popo thing is directed at that very capability, thereby giving them an out to go crying to trump so they then blame him for whatever atrocity they can cook up. relax, but stay ready. there are plenty of one off nutjobs that have been inspired to attack random whiteys "for the cause". first rule of survival: don't be there.

Glenn B said...

While one way to implement the Insurrection Act of 1807 is for the president to act upon a request from a state's governor, rhe president of the United States does not need to receive a request from a governor to quell an insurrection under that act.

riverrider said...

my understanding is that it must cross state lines or directly threaten federal property/interests. you can bet the left will use that gray area to pounce on trump and try again to impeach. hell look at how they act over a non-issue "russian bounty". the funny part is we did that very thing to them, plus just a couple months ago we caught a russian armored convoy in the open crossing into syria and decimated it to the point the surviving troops had to drop everything and swim for their lives. it was both hilarious and heart-wrenching to watch.