Tuesday, June 16, 2020

I Just Don't Get Why The Cop In Atlanta Was Fired

The suspect who wound up being fatally shot by the officer was obviously inebriated or mentally unbalanced as I saw it.He resisted arrest. He struggled with the officer, then he grabbed then officer's weapon - a TASER. (might as well get that right, it is not a taser nor a Taser). He fled the arrest, he turned and seemingly aimed the weapon at the officer, the officer fired at him, hitting him and killing him. What does anyone think the suspect would have done had he fired the TASER at the officer and hit him incapacitating him. Do you think it only possible that he would have continued running away? Is it even imaginable for you to think maybe - had he put the officer down - he would have turned back to grab the officer's handgun and poised a further risk to the officer, his partner and the community at large. I can certainly imagine it. The officer was - in my opinion - based on what I have been trained over the years and upon what I have read about this case and seen in the video of it - fully justified to use deadly force.

I do not care one hoot about the skin color of the suspect. I don't see it as black, white, brown, yellow, red or even green or rainbow - I see it as a clear cut case of the officer being threatened with force that could have resulted in severe bodily harm and him thus being justified to do what he did. For anyone to make this a racial issue merely shows to me that said person has an agenda.

All the best,
Glenn B

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