Saturday, May 30, 2020

The George Floyd Controversy Astonishes Me...

...or should I say the support that the police officers involved are getting from some, especially other law enforcement officers (thankfully a minority it seems ), befuddles me. I find it very hard to believe that anyone who has seen the video of the restraint used on this man (can be seen at: https:// www.facebook .com / posts/10158114619252221 - I put it in this way so you can copy and paste the address - just remember to eliminate the 4 spaces and I think you have to be logged into Facebook) and who has read the criminal complaint (looks to be genuine but I cannot say for sure), can say that Floyd caused his own death and or can otherwise show support for the officers.

Supposedly when he became unresponsive, one of the officers reportedly attempted to take his pulse but then said he could not find one. For almost a full two (2) minutes after that, the officer kneeling on his neck allegedly did not get up off of his neck or seemingly relieve any of the pressure on Mr. Floyd's neck. Again, that supposedly was after he became unresponsive and no pulse was found! Listen to the guy in the video begging for the officers to get off him and check his pulse because he obviously was unresponsive. I find it outrageous that evidently no relief was given, that no attempt to see if he was responsive was made and that no attempt was made to try to give him CPR or otherwise revive him. 

Now cities burn and a police station has been abandoned to rioters and essentially destroyed due in part to a what I believe is a total dereliction of duty and responsibility by law enforcement and elected officials; of course it is mainly due to the thugs perpetuating it but the officials are allowing it to continue essentially unabated, I believe due to either ineptness or politics or both! What next - more lives lost with officials looking the other way! This is government at its worst and government once again has proven itself pretty much useless and in need of replacement. Get the bums out and put into place someone with some spine, grit and ethics.

All the best,
Glenn B

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