Monday, May 25, 2020

Plotting A Road Trip For June

What better way to spend some time with my son Brendan than on a road trip. To where? North by northwest is how and wherever we wind up with enough time to get back home within a week (all the time he has) will be where. 

I am hopeful we will make it to Shell Creek Campground near Shell, WY. That was a stopover on my first cross country road tip, destination Missoula, MT (although we stopped there, we then went on some), with some friends many moons ago. We has been heading to Yellowstone but being the idiots we were, we did not realize that week would terminate in Independence Day weekend and the roads were already jammed. So we headed toward Cody, WY on some back-roads but had to stop in Shell Creek Campground because the road ahead was closed due to an avalanche (yes there was still a good amount of snow on the mountain tops). 

Anyway, it was excellent there and I hope it still is worth sharing with Brendan. Deadwood, SD and Mr. Rushmore National Memorial are also part of our plans and maybe going as far north as just crossing into ND (one of only two states which I have never visited, Hawaii is the other) or maybe even getting to Bismarck, ND or Fargo, ND to buy a used car or wood chipper could be possible. Hoping to return through CO, NE NM, down into western TX and back home.

I've got a rental SUV reserved but am left wondering if they will even be open by then, they are not open now at Enterprise. Maybe I should make  couple more reservations at other car rental agencies to be on the safe side. Of course, there is always my Corolla but I had planned on something a bit more comfortable for us and Skye the mongrel. As for Brendan and me, I think in an SUV, one can drive and the other stretch out if need be.

All the best,


Bigus Macus said...

Cody WY, visit the

Glen Filthie said...

Have a great trip you guys! Drive safe.

libertyman said...

Great idea! I see hertz is in bankrupcy, but I have had good luck with Enterprise. Yes, get a vehicle that drives well on the highway and has plenty of room.
Good for you!

bolomk1 said...

We live on edge of Custer State Park,Black Hills of S.D. next to Mt.Rushmore.Give a shout if need a camp space.Plenty of space off the beaten track!

Glenn B said...

Thanks bolomk1. I kind of doubt we will be camping more than one or two nights at Shell Creek Campground in WY. My aching bones are not up to it anymore. I appreciate the offer though.

Murphy's Law said...

You should consider educating Brendan as to the ways of the world and what better place then New Orleans? Come by this way--we're not too far from West Texas--and I'll give ya both the VIP tour, to include Bourbon Street and introductions to some of the friendliest and most talented and acrobatic women in the city.