Sunday, September 15, 2019

If We Nuked Yemen Would Iran Behave Itself?

My guess is that nuking Yemen would not be a tactical mistake if some country decided to nuke that country in response the recent drone attacks on Saudi Oil Fields. Houthi forces, established and working out of Yemen, have claimed responsibility for the attacks which have resulted in Saudi Arabia shutting down 1/2 of its oil production! More at the source.

Losing 1/2 of the oil produced by Saudi Arabia is going to have widely resounding consequences around the world, especially if it lasts any prolonged amount of time. Being that the Iranian backed Houthis have promised more attacks, my guess is the results will be long lasting. One way to put an end to it all would be a swift and devastating attack on the Houthi strongholds within Yemen  - maybe with tactical nuclear weapons. Not many would mourn the loss of the Houthis and any collateral damage will only make for political ammo because in truth there are not many in the world who even have a clue where Yemen is located let alone give a damn about its people. All that is even more likely true especially when the world's oil supply is at risk.

Mind you, lesser things have started world wars. I do not mean a nuclear attack on Yemen when I say that. I do mean a shortage of resources such as is going to be caused by the loss of oil in what would otherwise have been available had the Iranian backed Houthis not attacked the Saudi oil fields. It may also cause a worldwide economic collapses which almost certainly would have the planet on the brink of another world war. 

My guess is that a country thinking strategically, tactically and diplomatically could come to an agreement with other nations around the world that would result in a unanimous decision to destroy the Houthis with overwhelming force. Truthfully, I believe almost no one would give a damn about the destruction of this terrorist group once and for all other than to ultimately agree it was the right decision (expected oil prices of as high as $100 per barrel and the resultant price increases in everything from butter to arse wipes, if this goes long term, will help that decision to look very good). My guess also is also that Iran will have learned a valuable lesson. If not they could be targeted next and that is exactly why I'd be willing to bet they would learn the intended lesson. They almost certainly would, as a result of such an attack, drastically better their behavior on the world stage. 

Iran claims they were not behind this attack (source) but that claim is extremely doubtful as the Houthis long have been supported by Iran regarding their terrorist activities. Regardless, the Houthis have already claimed responsibility and maybe they well deserve whatever comes there way - be it the wrath of God in the form of plague and pestilence or the wrath of Man in the form of utter nuclear destruction.

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Glenn B

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