Thursday, May 2, 2019

Live Long & Drink Beer

Live long and enjoy your next one or three thousand.

All the best,
Glenn B 

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skybill said...

Hi Boomer!!
"BEER!!!" The Elixer of the God's!!!
If'in ya' carouse with any "Old School Skydivers" you will probably find them with a BEER in their hand!!
Ask them if they are a "Cardinal" "Supreme Cardinal" or "POPE!!???" DON'T ask for a demo.. your attempt to duplicate the ritual will fail!! least at first!!
If any and I'm sure most do Sport a circular patch on their jacket that resembles 8 stick men in a circle.. that is the Bob Boquor Memorial "Star Crest" .. that is the "RANGER TAB" of Skydiving.. symbolizing your entry into the "Quest of the STAR!!" Upon flying in your first "8-MAN" to get "signed off" by the participants you better have a case of "COLD BEER" ready with your application waiting for their signature!! Each patch is "Numbered" from the first 8 Skydivers who made the first ever 8-MAN filmed by BOB... He drowned off the coast of California filming a STUNT for a movie and as a memorial to him filming the first 8-MAM the Patch is dedicated!!
I became a recipient on 23DEC1973 at OTAY Calif. my Patch# is 2034... Today there are over 10,000 SCR's out there!! AND accompanying CASES OF BEER!!
Blue skies,
skybill SCR-2034, SCS-680....USPA-356, B-4240, C-3114, D-6009
AIR TRASH Member in Good Standing!! check out