Saturday, May 11, 2019

Beretta 950BS In 22 Short - First Impressions

Yesterday, I got to shoot the Beretta 950BS Minx in 22 short, that my son bought me as a gift and that will officially become mine once I relocate to AR as a resident. 

We went to an indoor range. I only fired about 21 shots out of it but that was enough to get a decent first impression of it. As I expected, based on my experience with a few Beretta 950BS Jetfire models in 25ACP, I had kind of, sort of, more or less figured this would be much the same as far as how well it functioned. 

I was on the money and at least for the few rounds I shot through it, it functioned flawlessly, it pointed well, it sights are usable but very small, it hits where you aim and hits where you point shoot at least at close range (I was firing at 7 yards). My groups were somewhat smaller than the size of my fist while firing at a moderate pace and trying to use the sights to the size of my open hand while point shooting rapidly. The amount of room in the magazine, front to back, when it was loaded was amazing. It looked like it would fit 22LR rounds in it. The 22 short is certainly a tiny round but even with all that room the rounds fed reliably each time, the little pistol went bang each time and the blow-back design extracted & ejected the spent casing each time. I was shooting CCI 22 shorts. Nice little gun for which I will have to find another magazine or three and hopefully all will be OEM since the aftermarket brand(s) seem to be abysmal as to reliability to feed. The thing is the OEM mags seem to be very difficult to come by. 

I wish they had chambered these in 22LR as I do not like the Beretta M21A anywhere nearly as much as the 950B S.
Anyway, I like this little gun and most assuredly will have fun with it.

All the best,
Glenn B

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